Poorboy’s World Professional Polish 16oz 473ml

Poorboy’s Professional Polish (aka Pro Polish) is an all-purpose polish that works wonders on all surfaces — glass, plastic, metal, and of course, on paints and clear coats. If you want the optimum foundation for applying a wax, you’ll get it with Poorboy’s Professional Polish.

All Poorboy’s products are built around one objective: Ease-of-use with fabulous results, even in the sun.



This polish exfoliates impurities, clarifies your vehicle’s finish, brings out the maximum shine, minimises scratches and swirls and dissolves water spots. When you’ve completed polishing with Poorboy’s Professional Polish, you’ll be amazed at the depth of colour that is introduced.

Seal it in with Poorboy’s Ex-Sealant for a gloss, shine and protection that lasts three to six months. This combination will deliver a flawless, lustrous finish that will literally turn heads.

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